June 27 – Eindhoven visit

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Eindhoven, NL. We toured the campus and the Admirant shopping center (home of “The Blob”) and did a few ‘drive-by’s’ of the High Tech Campus, Van AbbeMuseum, and the Strijp-S.

We also got to stop in to Piet Hein Eek’s workshop and store and saw some great collections of furniture, art, and more.

Eindhoven used to be home to the Philips company, which was the primary economic contributor to the city for some time, and after relocating their headquarters created opportunities for redevelopment and adaptive reuse of the many remaining factory and office buildings Philips company left behind. This has given Eindhoven an identity as a high-tech and industrial hub -something we will examine further in our explorations of the plausible futures of Delft.