July 25 – final presentation

We were happy to have a mix of new and familiar faces here for the final presentation of our work, and also happy that our hosts, Ifke, Patricia and Wico from Ateliers and Stoom were able to take a break and come check out our presentations as well. Representatives from a few different branches of the municipality were able to see our presentations and give feedback. They were especially impressed with our graphic presentation skills! 🙂 Afterwards we had a nice discussion about some of the possibilities for currently in-development land in Delft and what ideas we had for potential programs.

We also presented everyone with a copy of our newspaper to take home with them.

Special thanks to all who helped to make this project possible, from the Municipality members to students and professors at the University of Leiden school of Public Administration to our hosts who gave us an amazing space to work (and many memorable lunches!)